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15 Jan

I noticed that a lot of young HLBs (18 year old orthorexics giving health advice) and ED Recoverer Role Models (2 types: either the type who is whining constantly so others can relate, or either the type who is making seem like they have the perfect recovery) are putting a lot of information out there.

Honestly, I think it’s stupid.

It makes me cringe when I see ED Recoverer Role Models, telling their followers to not be scared of calories in alcohol because, hey, they drank a lot to tequila last night and didn’t get fat! Problem is when they are underage and are very, very easily Googlable. Heck, I fully admit I did not-so-legal stuffs. But at least I don’t shout my real name.

Replace ''Facebook'' by ''Blog''...Yikes

When you will get a job, your boss will Google your name and find out that you:

  • are a Green Chia Seed Smoothie fanatic
  • freaked out when your workout schedule changed
  • freaked out when you learnt thar TJ’s Peanut Flour was going to be discontinued and bought 30kg of it
  • freaked out when an Anon told you you looked like you had a 30 BMI when you are lower than that
  • cried over the fact that the company printed the nutritional facts wrong and you ingested 40 calories more than you thought, complained to the company 10x and sent them 50 hate mails.
  • took picture of yourself kissing jars of nut butters
  • ate Miracle Rice with nutritional yeast on top, and called it ”cheesy rice”
  • took pictures like this (sometimes in sports bra, after a workout):

I figured, the day I’ll be famous and be a celebrity, I would probably like to not see ”SHE USED TO EAT CCK’S FUDGE BABIES AND THROW IT ALL UP, ALONG WITH 3 BAGS OF DORITOS!” or ”CRAZY! SHE TOOK PICTURES OF A SPINACH PUMPKIN BANANA PROTEIN PANCAKES FOR WIAW FOR 3 WEEKS!”on the front page.

Believe me, I did share too much information about myself on my previous blog, and it scared the shit out of me. Enough for me to delete everything and still have nightmares about it.

The only thing I am now somewhat comfortable sharing is a photoshopped and blurry annoying self-portrait of me on my formspring page (this is where you go if you want to be anonymous but still send me hate mails, or if you want to ask me if I really had sex with my oats). And I still think I’m stupid for doing this and will regret it later. I’m paranoid like that. I think it might have to do with my narcissistic personality:

I want to show my 10 readers a picture of me!

They must be dying to know what I look like, right??

I know you don’t, but I can’t help it. Sorry.

Anyway, I know that sometimes posting pictures of yourself on the Internet can be a double sided sword:

  • Oh, you’re so pretty!
  • Gah, ur fucking ugliiii!
If you are going to post pictures of yourself, be sure you are the type who will not let your day be ruined because of something like this. Things like that happen. And being ugly is not the worst thing that will happen to your life, so get over it.
So yeah, I think it’s stupid to leak so much information about ourselves on the Internet.

No, OK, it’s not completely true. 70% of me think it’s stupid, and the other 30% is just me being scared that people will find out about my ED. I haven’t ”came out” yet.

Q: How much is too much? What are your thoughts on being more anonymous than not? Are you easily ”Googlable”?

8 Responses to “Bloggers & Privacy”

  1. Mitri January 15, 2012 at 9:15 pm #

    I have trouble with drawing the line between “appropriate for sharing on the Internet” and inappropriate. Obviously, I am not going to give out my address, social security number, etc. And I don’t post too many pictures of myself, if ever, because I frankly do not think I am very pretty. If I got comments that said I was pretty, I would feel as if they were insincere just because that is my own feeling about my appearance; if I got comments that said I was ugly, I would feel worse. So no photos.

    But I tend to be very honest about my thoughts on various aspects of life, or things going on in my life, and I sometimes doubt I should be sharing such details of myself, even though I enjoy connecting to others over them. :/ I guess I’ll keep blogging for now!

  2. Joy January 19, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    I think how much is too much is often a personal choice. Some people are comfortable with having a publicly accessible ‘online presence’ and to be honest I appreciate that those people exist. I like reading my academic inspirations’ twitter feeds! And I think discussion of personal topics on the internet can be really helpful for people to feel less alone. But I wouldn’t want my eating habits/BMI/summary of how I ate two tbsp peanut butter on my Ezekiel bread sandwich instead of one and it was such a challenge to be Googleable. Some people obviously don’t mind having that kind of stuff associated with their name though so I guess, more power to them.

    Armed with Google and my full name you can discover some alarming details about me… I signed a couple of petitions, pledged money for an organisation, made an ugly poster about conserving water when I was 11 and had a Myspace page for a two-person “band” I was part of with my middle school friend. There is a picture of young-me in that account’s photos section. Highly embarrassing. This still upsets me a bit but I don’t have the account’s password to disable the damn thing. I don’t post pictures even on Facebook… (but that’s for Mitri’s reasons, not privacy concerns.) Maybe I should spam the internet with a variety of blogs just to get that off the front page of Google. Or not, lol. But yeah, as you know I am more anonymous than not. If you remember me. If you don’t, case in point 😉

    Also, nutritional yeast + rice = yeasty rice, not cheesy rice. That silly person. I love yeast (Vegemite! by itself! from the jar!!! on everything!!!) but it isn’t cheese. It is mere yeasty brilliance…

    • asianbitch January 20, 2012 at 12:32 am #

      Haha, I recognized your e-mail. I tend to have a good memory for useless stuffs that are blogging related, not school related…

  3. koscheithetasigma January 19, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

    I don’t even have my real name on Facebook, and you can’t see my face in my profile picture. I am very hesitant about revealing information on the Internet, not just for my own record, but also to ensure my privacy is kept and I have no stalkers/paedophiles tracking me down.

    I know there are many bloggers who have their full name (e.g Like Some Cat from Japan) on the Internet. It’s their choice what they share, and I respect their decisions, but it’s their problem if something comes back to bite them in the bottom.

    Now, I know this doesn’t pertain to this particular post, but it is in relation to one of your older ones:

    I can understand that ED’s do cause us to become sensitive, but I think one of the most important steps in recovery is learning to deal with today’s society.

    • asianbitch January 20, 2012 at 12:31 am #

      Aaargh yes! I used to be super sensitive too, but dealing with the triggers and learning that people aren’t going to change their behaviors because of my history is part of recovery. It bugs me to no end when people are like ”UGH MY FRIEND IS SO INSENSITIVE SHE WANTS TO LOSE WEIGHT WHEN I’M TRYING TO GAIN!”. Like, do what you have to do, and let her do her stuffs.

  4. Ameena January 21, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    I think I put too much on the Internet…and I know that people think I’m a terrible mother because I plaster pics of my kid too! But really, one has to live life right? Can’t be afraid every second of the waking day…

    Great post!

  5. Karina Pinzon (Like Some Cat from Japan) February 2, 2012 at 12:57 am #

    I’m pretty sure the drunk tequila one was about me. And then I get mentioned in comments. Cool.

    • asianbitch February 2, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

      So you have a Youtube channel, a public formspring, a public blog, a public Twitter, a Facebook and you are upset about a comment mentioning you?

      Girl, if you think everybody is going to like you, the real world is going to eat you up, and if you only want them to pass positive comments, don’t put yourself out here like that. People can use whatever information they have about you, if you’re the one who posted it in the first place. Geez, it drives me bonkers when people tell others what they can or cannot think. Some people like you, some don’t. Same goes for me and my blog.

      By the way, the tequila wasn’t about you. I was a CC member, ya know? But since ED recoverers think pretty much all the same, it’s no surprise you recognized youself.

      *ETA: This is not said in a bitchy tone. Sometimes my style comes accross as rude when written on the Internet.

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