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Bitch, Quit Lying!

18 Feb

You guys might be (or not) surprised by how much those HLB/Inspiration Role Models lie or are misleading you:

  • about their intake: they either make the food appear huge so you think they eat a buttload (see how they make you believe they are just naturally skinny here), or they post tiny meals so that you think they eat healthy and all (when some of them just restrict during the week and go crazy during the weekend)
  • about their issues related to eating disorder tendencies or exercise addiction
  • about whether or not they have an ED, etc.

They are no Pringle. They are Lays.

Lay's, you are a liar!!

Believe me. I know a few big/popular bloggers that claim to be ED free, but they either:

  • are aware that they have a problem and don’t address it to their readers. So not ‘lying’ per say, but misleading (hence why I was so adamant to point out that I was NOT recovered)
  • are in denial about their healthy/unhealthy relationship with food/exercise, and influence their ED-free public with unhealthy behaviors and enable their eating disordered public into keeping those unhealthy behaviors.
Of course, when people call them out or even just question their so-called healthy relationship with food…oh, the mass of White Knighters that comes along in the comment section!

Now…why do they do that?

  1. They don’t care about that 90% of their readers are suffering from a mental illness, they like the page views. If a restricted food diary blog is working, then they won’t change it.
  2. They like being portrayed as a role model, whether it is as a Recovery Queen or as a Health & Fitness Queen or as a Chia Seed n’ PB Queen. They need to protect their Empire.
  3. They like the attention the readers (eating disordered or not) give to them
  4.  They are scared of confrontation. They don’t want to have to explain themselves. They much rather do as if there wasn’t any problem with them to begin with, and get page views as usual. Opening up means changes. The readers’s attitude would change. Changes are scary.
An example*:
*If I see anybody calling me ”rude” for giving names, let me remind you that you are on a blog called ”Asian Bitch”, not ”Cutie Poopie Little Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Runner”.

You know, that Seventeen mag? Well, they are doing some kind of Healthy Living movement and chose 3 young bloggers to give tips about healthy living. Or more recently, 2 bloggers, because according to the mag, Taralynn ‘dropped out of the program by herself’. Personally, I think she has been kicked out after several people complained to Seventeen about this girl having an eating disorder and promoting anorexia.

Now, you might think ‘Oh, people are overreacting, nowadays every disordered people see disordered tendencies in everyone!’, which is understandable since a lot of ED recoverers are overly sensitive.

But this is batshit crazy. As in, there is no doubt that this girl has an ED, and lied to all of her followers. Note that she changed her username after she has been discovered, but people quoted her. Here’s a blog where there are proofs of her stealing people’s recipes and pictures, and photoshopping them onto her own plates.

So, all in all (because I know some of you just skimp the post and look for pictures of food or recipe, in vain):

  • Seventeen mag is stupid
  • Taralynn needs to improve on her Photoshop skills and donate her fancy plates if she’s not even going to use them
  • We lie. That’s what humans do. Healthy Living bloggers are humans. HLB can also lie, so don’t take for granted that all the shit that comes out of their mouth is 100% true, whether it’s about their personal issues or whether it’s about their fitness/nutrition advice, especially if they are not qualified or eat so much protein they are like a walking fart machine.

Q: Which type of those misleading bloggers do you think is worse, those who are aware of their issues but don’t address it, or those who are in denial and perpetuate unhealthy behaviors?

By the way, sorry for the excessive linking. But since I’m not getting paid for blogging, I don’t feel bad about making you giving me page views.


I Am Not Recovered.

10 Feb

So after 3 weeks, I have decided to write a post. I usually don’t post when I have nothing to say, but we’ll make an exception.

It’s short and all, but I’m pretty tired: it’s been a long week, I don’t think I can continue studying in the Health & Science program and my grades have been pretty shitty. White Asian girls’s #1 problem.

I'm so un-Asian.

The only highlight of the week is that I have been doing more volunteering work and it makes me feel a bit better about myself. It feels good to make others feel good.

So here it goes:

I don’t mind people telling me I’m a psycho (img 1), a bitch, crazy and all that shit.

img 1

But don’t fucking say I’m rude because I’m recovered (img 2).

img 2

I am NOT recovered. 

I want it to be clear. People tend to assume I am because of the way I view things.

  • I am able to view things from a normal perspective, unlike those who are in denial about their love for running (while 80lbs soaking wet), unsweetened almond milk, stevia, shirataki noodles and their allergy for rest days, milk, sugar, pasta and Doritos.
  • I am able to admit that I drink almond milk because I have issues with chocolate cow milk.
  • I am able to go by each day without having to whine on my blog/Formspring/Facebook/Tumblr/Tweeter about my struggles every single day.

All in all, don’t say I’m recovered because I’m honest. Say I’m rude because I don’t cuddle people suffering from eating disorders.

P.S.: Oh yeah, don’t say you hate drama (img 3) when you publicly (img 4) intend to create drama and publicly gossip (img 5) about it.

img 3

img 4

img 5

It makes it easy for me to publicly snark on you if I’m in a bad mood (and I’m not snarking. I just needed an example of somebody who thinks I’m a psycho and recovered from my ED). As I said, everyone is allowed to say shit about me, but if you don’t want me to know about it, don’t say it all over the place.  Common sense, people.

ETA: Just a note. The main point of this post was to make it clear that I am not recovered, not to say that those girls are mean and all that stuffs. I’m not hurt at all, people are allowed to not like me. It is just that the whole thing made me realize that some people think I am recovered when I’m not, and I don’t want to give the wrong impression that I am. Plus, the whole thing is kinda funny.

ETA: Had to put up the images because the questions were deleted.  The Internet never forgets.

Off Topic.

I’ve been listening to those songs (not Lady Gaga/Katy Perry/Justin Bieber types of songs).

Ok, maybe the last one is a bit of a ”Fallout Boy/Hedley” type of song.

And those are THE BEST ”Sh*t people say”, hands down: