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People Annoyed at Others Who Are Dieting

7 Oct

Hi bitches.

No, I didn’t relapse.

No, I wasn’t in treatment.

I was just sick and tired to live under the same roof as my mom as we cannot stand each other. So one day, as the impulsive girl that I am, I decided I had enough and left the house for 3 months. I came back because I couldn’t work enough hours to pay my rent and going to school at the same time.


Today’s topic is people who get annoyed at others who are talking about diets.

Here’s the original post:

There are SO. MANY. GIRLS at my school who skip lunch and say, “Yeah, it’s my only chance not to eat today. When I go to college, I’m just not going to eat again.” Then I see them at the McDonald’s drive-thru after school getting a Big Mac, and I get so frustrated. I ABSOLUTELY HATE wannabe anorexics. If you WANT to have this disease, go right ahead. Be cold all the time, never make plans with with your friends because you’re scared they’ll make you eat, obsess over food, hurt your butt and spine every time you sit, faint all the time, be too weak to lift you backpack…. If you want all that, be my guest.

Sorry everyone, this just REALLY pissed me off.


Come on, they are just little girls. Don’t fret.

Not as bad as the replies, though:

1. Hypocritical reply

omg yes. I hate it when people talk about how little they’ve ate as if they see it as an acomplishment that they didn’t eat dinner last night.

Says a recovering anorexic.

As if you never felt that is was an accomplishment when you did it!

I can’t help but wonder if part of them are just jealous. Just saying, because I know I used to be.

2. Holier-than-thou reply

There’s going to be so many people like that as you get older.

I just roll my eyes at them and shake my head. There’s no point in trying to explain to them that saying their ” going anorexic ” is just plain stupid. Same thing when people say ” omg i am soooo bipolar. I think I’m bipolar because I like cried for an hour and then like smiled ”

Sometimes people are just stupid and don’t understand mental illness’s and don’t pay attention to anything around them. That’s why I can’t stand hanging out with people my age, THEY ARE SO STUPID and don’t pay attention to anything but themselves!

Oh. Because you don’t understand a mental illness, you are stupid and self-centered? What about you, dear recovering anorexic? What if I say that starving yourself is stupid? Do you know that when you are cancelling plans that involve food with your friends or not eating dinner with your ¬†family, you are not paying attention to their feelings, you are just paying attention to yourself? Isn’t that the same than those ”stupid people”?

One thing that I can’t stand is people having suffered or suffering from an ED acting like they know it all about health and nutrition, without any medical or nutrition degree. ¬†

EDs can really transform you into entitled, narcissist little brats.

Off to listen to Gangnam style.

ETA: Oups I forgot to proof read and they were some stuffs that didn’t made sense!