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Lights on CCK’s Lies

25 Nov

Hello. I thought I needed to update this thing that I call a blog because it seems I still gets some visitors that are interested in what I have to say.

This is a post that talks about the Oh Naturally Skinny CCK.

Well. No, not ”naturally”.

I think that if any of you guys had any doubts about if whether or not Chocolate Covered Katie had some history with an ED, you should know this. All credit goes to GOMIer Meow, who with her GOMI detective skills, managed to start the investigation.

Here’s her original post, which I cleaned up a bit to make it shorter, that will destroy the heart of all the white knights and recovering anorexic minions:

From 2002 – 2003, which is when she was trying to gain weight, she posted on forums under the alias of Lilliana. This can be confirmed by the email address she supplies (, which is CCK’s) and the IP address. She also mentions living in Japan and Texas multiple times. Here.

CCK was an active poster on the site.

“My doctor told me today that a person cannot recover from anorexia without taking Prozac b/c of something to do with the serotonin levels in the brain of an anorexic. She said that since anorexia is an obsessive compulsive disorder, drugs must be used, along with therapy and trying very hard, to recover from it. I am very wary of taking these mind-altering drugs (I hate putting ANY kind of foreign substance in my body- it’s the control thing). I really believe I can beat this without drugs considering I am not in as bad of shape as many other anorexics b/c I never starved myself (I ate 5 meals every day and took in about 1600 calories according to my nutritionist… but even still, I have anorexia. It’s complicated). The first week after being diagnosed, I even gained six pounds! So, is my doctor right? Do I HAVE to take the scary blue pills? Or can I avoid them if I continue to try REALLY REALLY hard?



-Liliana ”

So she was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.

“From: Liliana(
Subject: Anyone been told that their heart was leaking? (msg)
Date: May 16, 2003 at 4:35 pm PST

I figured this was the best board to ask on b/c it seems off-topic on the veganism board and b/c the cardiologisttold me I have the heart of an anorexic. It’s so weird b/c I have never had an eating disorder and I eat so much (but that’s not the point).”

In denial about it, but she showed physical signs. (NOTE: I did some digging and she admits to Anorexia Nervosa, see below).  Search “Liliana anorexia” on the site and you’ll find it. There are also many, many food logs posted by her. I tried to find her on, but I can’t.

Off-Topic. I just love Pikachu.

I did some more digging that you might be interested in:

Here is where she ADMITS to an eating disorder (with the proof that Liliana really IS Katie).

Btw, how did you know I was anorexic? I ask b/c someone else just recently confessed that the first time I ate with him and his family, he knew I had an eating disorder (his daughter had had one, so he recognized in me the same eating patterns she had).

Here is where you would want to rip your hair off for believing in all her fucking lies.

I wonder what they’d do if I told them I’d throw up if they made me take medication… I’ve never pruged before, but I would probably consider it if they force fed me the medication. Yeah, they’d probably put me in the hospital, so that plan wouldn’t work.Yeah, I do think that group therapy would be good, but I just KNOW I will start comparing myself to the others and start to feel inadequate b/c I am not the best at being really thin

Oh wait, here. That’s better.

I never thought I had anorexia b/c I do eat- a ton. Usually I have three big meals and three snacks too. But apparently you can eat a lot and still have anorexia. I have most of the physical symptoms (the heart problems, the low blood pressure that changes when I stand, being more than 15% below normal weight, having lost weight, etc.) and most of the mental ones as well- fear of gaining weight, guilt after eating too much, etc. (I didn’t count calories religiously, but if anything, that was the problem b/c I thought I was eating more calories than I actually was). I also cut my food up into small pieces, take an eternity to eat, and drink lots of water… oh and I am a perfectionist and control freak. So when I searched online and on every site, found that I had basically all the symptoms, I had to face reality (I still don’t like the way my cardiologist treated me, though. Even my nutritionist and pediatrician think that she could have treated me with more respect and all).As I said in my other post, I am sorry for lying and saying I didn’t have an ED, but I was lying to myself, too.

Well, You are STILL a friggin liar.

To wrap up this post, I think she should also be diagnosed with Over-linking-and-recycling-old-recipe-to-make-money Disorder and Fake-cutesy-attitude-to-make-money Disorder.

Moral of the story:

Be careful with Internet. It never forgets.

ETA: Seems like someone already did the digging (you can see I haven’t been really reading GOMI these past months…)! There’s also an ”explanation” from CCK. That girl must have been wetting her pants when she saw this.